Formalizing a Schedule

Currently my main Spanish resources are:

  • Duolingo/Memrise/Anki (vocabulary drills).
  • Pimsleur (listening and speaking).
  • Rock Spanish (listening, speaking, and some writing).
  • Living Language (listening, writing, and some grammar).
  • Graded readers/parallel texts (reading).
  • Assimil (listening, speaking, and reading).*
  • Practice Makes Perfect (grammar, writing).*
  • Textbook (used in conjunction with formal classes at LAA).*

And of course, native content all over the web (news, podcasts, tv shows, YouTube, and radio). I also have a couple of good dictionaries, and another grammar book, but as they are reference materials and not strictly speaking courses, I haven’t listed them above.

For the initial six months of my studies I have been using these materials in a more or less haphazard way, seeing what each of them has to offer, and assessing their quality. Now that I have had time to do that, I want to approach the materials in a more systematic way. Therefore, I have created the following weekly schedule.

Monday through Friday –

  • Duolingo for 30 minutes before work in the morning.
  • Lunch break at work, a 30 minute Pimsleur lesson (active, responding to the prompts).
  • After work, complete a lesson from the Living Language course.
  • If I want to do more, Memrise/Anki or reading from a parallel text/graded reader.

Saturday –

  • Review all my work from the week (notes, grammar points, etc).
  • 15 to 30 minutes of Duolingo/Memrise/Anki.
  • Complete a lesson of Rocket Spanish.
  • If I want to do more, reading from a parallel text/graded reader.

Sunday –

  • Listening/Reading practice (as described here).
  • Update my language log.

*You will note from the above schedule that I have not included Assimil, the Practice Makes Perfect Grammar book, nor my textbook from class. I have decided to delay using Assimil until after I complete the Living Language course. Comparing the two, I feel Living Language is much more of a beginner course, and would perhaps be made redundant if I were to complete Assimil first. I want to fully work through both courses. Therefore, in the above schedule I am starting with one lesson each evening Monday through Friday from Living Language Spanish, with review on the weekends. When I have completed this course, I will fill that slot with the more advanced Assimil course. I haven’t decided where I am going to fit in the Practice Makes Perfect grammar drills yet, but most likely they will be added to my Sunday schedule. Lastly, the textbook is not on my schedule, but when I am actively taking classes I use it in conjunction with the lessons from class, as well as completing any homework assignments. I am currently on break between class sessions, but will start up again on January 12th.

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