2018 – Let’s Do This!

After roughly 30 years of not working with the second language I was initially introduced to, I began my studies in earnest this year (2018), which would make me a so-called “false-beginner”. As mentioned in my previous post, my target language is español (Spanish). What am I doing so far?

For the record:

  • Purchased Spanish Levels 1, 2, and 3 from Rocket Languages on July 4th. I have been working through Spanish Level 1. I started out with this as a daily program, but have recently been using it less frequently. As of the date of this writing (7/27/2018) I am on module 1.5 of Level 1. I have gone back through most of the exercises of previous lessons as review, and have retaken the quizzes as well. I want to pick this back up, and stay consistent with the program.
  • On July 15th I purchased Pimsleur Spanish Levels 1 through 5, Unlimited Software package. With the exception of one day, I have been doing a single 30 minute lesson daily. I am (at the time of this writing) on lesson 13.
  • Only July 18th, I created a free Memrise account, and started working through the course “Spanish (Mexico) 1”. For this I set my goal to 15 minutes a day, and have logged in and made that goal every day so far (10 day streak).
  • On July 10th, I signed up for formal classes through the Latin American Association. They offer 14 levels of classes. I chose to start at the very beginning. Classes will begin on November 3rd and will run through December 15th. I chose the Saturday sessions, which will be once a week for 7 weeks, 3 hours a session (9:30 am to 12:30 pm).
  • In addition to the software courses (Rocket Spanish, Pimsleur, and Memrise), I have also started to practice listening skills from native speaker source material. For example, I found a local Spanish language radio station that I keep on in the car, have listened to a few news podcasts in Spanish, and have changed my Netflix account to Spanish (both the navigation screens as well as the language setting for the shows I watch).
  • I have downloaded a couple of children’s books in Spanish, and am making initial attempts at reading them.
  • I have purchased a Spanish-English dictionary (Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary, Sixth Edition), as well as a grammar book (A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, Fifth Edition, by Routledge).

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